Paws 4 Tall Tails Reading Program

Me-wow! Woof- Woof! Palm Valley Animal Center invites children who are able to read at any level to come to the shelter to read to our cats in our Cat Bungalow.  We are very excited to announce that children can now read to our dogs and cats at The Laurie P. Andrews PAWS Center. The program helps children improve their reading skills while providing socialization and human interaction for the shelter animals. Recent studies show that children who read to shelter animals on a regular basis demonstrate drastic improvement in their reading skills and the animals find the rhythmic sound of a voice very comforting and soothing. Shelter animals provide a safe, non-judgmental presence for struggling readers.

Sharing books with furry supporters helps children to:

  • Sustain concentration and focus
  • Improve attitudes toward school
  • Increase reading comprehension and fluency
  • Expand their use of vocabulary and language
  • Boost confidence and pride in their reading skill
  • Cultivate a higher motivation for reading and learning
  • Feel more comfortable about learning
  • Enjoy the experience of reading

Parents can sign their child up for 30-minute reading sessions with resident animals.  Participation is limited to ONE child per session. Children may choose a book from our selection of stories or bring one of their own.  You MUST be registered online to participate in the Paws 4 Tall Tails reading program.

There is no fee to participate in the program.  Children must be registered with a parent or legal guardian.

You will need to sign a liability form each and every time you attend the reading session.

Each reading session is limited to ONE child participant. There MUST be one adult present with the child during each reading session. Please do not bring friends or other siblings to participate in your session. Your child will not be able to participate in the reading session if more than one child is present.

Parents are required to stay with their child AT ALL TIMES  for the duration of their reading session. Please click on link below for more information on dates and times for each location.

Click Here to register for the Paw 4 Tall Tails Reading Program at Palm Valley Animal Center

Click Here register for the Paws 4 Tall Tails Reading Program at The Laurie P. Andrews PAWS Center


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