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Dr. Marco CAT Matching Grant

It’s that time of year again and we need your help!!!

DoctorMarco Pediatrics, RGV native & cat lover, has set up a $3,000 Cat Matching Grant to benefit the cats under the care of the PVAC Foster Program!


What is a Foster?
A foster parent is someone who selflessly temporarily opens their home, and their hearts, to orphaned and/or ill pets with specific needs.

Which pets need to be fostered?
Pets with minor injuries, illnesses or babies that are just too young to be suitable for immediate adoption.

Why Foster?
Foster families make a real difference in the lives of countless orphaned pets throughout the year. We receive many animals that need temporary care due to minor, but highly treatable illnesses, injuries or just some bottle feeding and tender loving care. Our foster families nurse these pets back to health so they can find their forever home.

What does it take to become a Foster?
Completion and submission of the FOSTER APPLICATION and an interview with the Foster Program staff is required prior to participating in the Foster Program.


If you would like to participate in our Foster Program, have any questions regarding our foster program or would like additional information, please, contact our Foster Program Team.

Foster Program Team
956.292.9334 or 956.252.5528

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